How to Solve Survival: Man vs. Wild – juan yang Levels and Puzzles – Cheats, Secrets, and Hacks

Need solutions to beat Survival: Man vs. Wild – juan yang levels and puzzles? Here are our best guides and cheats to help you get past Survival: Man vs. Wild – juan yang challenges.

Survival: Man vs. Wild – juan yang Cheat, Hack, Tips and Tricks

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Survival: Man vs. Wild – juan yang Cheats and Secret Tricks

juan yang - Survival: Man vs. Wild  artwork Survival: Man vs. Wild
juan yang
Genre: Games
Price: $ 0.99
Release Date: March 6, 2018

Wilderness survival challenge starts. What Bear Grylls did in "Man vs. Wild", you will do the same in this text-adventure game!

This is an uninhabited wilderness. You drift to it, need to survive, explore, finally escape from here and return to the civilized world. But while you stay here, you must obey the rules of survival.

To survive and escape, you have to craft camp, explore jungle, mountain, ruins, and so on territories, trade with natives, fight against beasts and cannibals, go deep into mystical relics, solve puzzles…

As your exploration goes deeper, you get more and more weird feelings about this wilderness. Mystical ruins, legend heard from aborigines, occult mysteries, all these things make you believe it is not just a simple wilderness. This is not the last day for earth, but maybe the last day for you, be careful!

Wilderness! Survival! Exploration! Mysteries! All in "Survival: Man VS. Nature".

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